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Rare Epiphone Les Paul Custom Long Tennon Open Book


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epiphone les paul guitar 232982706083033270 Rare Epiphone Les Paul Custom Long Tennon Open Book

 1988-90 Epiphone Les Paul Custom. This is one of the first Les Paul's Epiphone made, and was crafted between 1988-1990. It has the open book Gibson headstock and a long neck tennon (see pictures), only found on Korean Epiphone's of the first 2 years in production, 59 Gibson Les Paul RI's priced at 5000 dollars and high end Epi's and Orville's made in Japan.
This is a rare guitar and the only one I have ever seen in person or on ebay. There is limited info on these early Epi's, but from what I can find, they are made better then the Epi's of today, with better wood, craftsmanship, hardware and electronics. They are said to be a solid slab with a maple cap for body instead of glued or laminated plywood, and also said to be sprayed with Nitro instead of Poly, and though I cannot prove this, it looks and feels much different then my poly guitars. Has all gold hardware that is starting to tarnish perfectly to give that real relic look.
It is in great shape with the exception of a small chip on the front and a small chip on the side, purely cosmetic and barely noticeable. Considering it is over 20 years old, it is in exceptional shape. I really don't want to sell it but my hand is forced. New customs are 750 plus tax and made in China out of plywood. By this one instead, save money and get a better guitar with some age and character, things you can't buy in a store. (Not to mention the cool looking open book headstock that none of your friends Epi's have, a Long Neck Tennon and Nitro, all giving serious bragging rights) Comes with a hard case that is in great shape minus the fact that it takes a little effort to get all the latches to line up perfect, but looks cosmetically great and does its job to a T. If your looking for a guitar to play, collect, and be proud of all in the same box this is it. Play's and feels incredible, like it was made for your hands. It has that "Really Good Guitar" feeling as soon as you start to handle it, and if you have ever handled a guitar like this you know what I mean. If your considering a new Chinese custom still after reading this, I don't know what to say to you. I'll probably cry when I drop this one off at the post office. FREE shipping in Canada, shipping to the USA will be 50 dollars flat , I'll pay the difference but I will be shipping the cheapest way there is If yo want insurance or rush shipping, contact me and we will work something out. Don't miss out, trust me!!! For sale locally also, so I reserve the right to end auction at any time before completion.

1988-90 Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Black with Gold Hardware and Rosewood board
Long Tennon
Open Book Headstock
Nitro (from what I read and can visually see, although I cannot prove)
Solid Body (slab with a cap, not plywood, feels like a Paul should, heavy, but perfectly weighted)
Includes Hard Case
All Original and will definetly be a collectable, and to me already is
Beautiful, Incredible and Just as it should be. No cracks, breaks or repairs of any kind!!!

epiphone les paul guitar 232982706083033271 Rare Epiphone Les Paul Custom Long Tennon Open Book
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